Keep track of your fight for the lost with the Mass Effect 2 Galactic Checklist!

This list will help you keep track of:

  • Which loyalty missions you’ve completed
  • Which assignments and sidequests you’ve undertaken
  • Which upgrades you’ve found and which ones you’ve researched
  • The items you’ve found on your quest, or purchased in the various stores
  • Which planets you’ve searched for resources

Designed to be printed out, this 12 page list also works great in PDF form – it has interactive form fields so you can fill it out right in your PDF viewer (new!)!

The galaxy’s an even bigger, more complicated place this time around – don’t lose track of your place in it!

Mass Effect 2 Galactic Checklist
pdf | Version 1.7 | Jan 23, 2012
– On the weapons stats table, the link to the blog post with relevant information is not a functional link.
– Under “Sniper Rifles” on the Weapon Stats table, it says DCL instead of DLC.
– Occasional zebra-striping errors