Formerly known as the Mass Effect Progress Checklist by Cold Zxaos, the Mass Effect Galactic Checklist is a comprehensive, six-page checklist that you can use to keep track of your progress through Mass Effect, including the downloadable content (DLC)!

This list will help you keep track of:

  • Which assignments (sidequests) you’ve found and completed, and which ones have an impact on a character imported into Mass Effect 2
  • Which planets you’ve searched and what resources you can find on them, as well as which ones are home to the dangerous Thresher Maws
  • What you need to complete each collection quest
  • Your MediGel and grenade capacity upgrades, and where to get them
  • Your manufacturer licenses

Designed to be printed onto three double-sided pages, the list also works great as it is – the PDF is now interactive, and allows you to save your progress right in the file (new!)!  Each section also stands alone, so you can easily print only what’s useful for you.

This list is a great companion to any of your Mass Effect playthroughs – especially if you’re aiming for the Completionist achievement!

Don’t leave Eden Prime without it!

Mass Effect Galactic Checklist
pdf | Version 2.6 | Sep 25, 2010